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Charlotte Roofing – How Professional Are They?

The crew that installed the new Evergreen Roofing Charlotte roofing system on our home was very courteous and professional. They replaced the old asphalt shingles with new high quality slate tiles which look beautiful. They were great the day of the quote to the actual work day they finished the job. They patiently answered all of my questions and took their time. I really like the guys from what I have read and seen. If you would like to know more about this company and how they have performed work for others just check out their website at Cosey Roofing.

I have to tell you the guy that came to install my new roof was very talkative and seemed like he had been doing this for a long time. He also seemed to be a pro and definitely knew what he was talking about. He made sure to stay a few minutes with me so I did not feel left out. He also left a business card with my name and phone number, so if he would like to continue conversations just give him a call. He is a real good guy and I am very pleased with the work he did on my roof.

Other than the guy that replaced my shingles the crew did a great job. They fixed the shingles on my roof securely without the use of nails or screws. They installed the roofing as fast as possible without damaging any of the parts of the roof. They left no stone unturned so if you have any questions just contact them and they will answer.

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