community centre.

You may want to enjoy an evening out with friends in a local restaurant or pub and ask friends to bring along a donation.

Step 1: Plan your event

Planning is essential for a successful event. Plan exactly what you are going to do and who you are going to invite. Remember you are going to be asking people for money so make sure they are good friends.

Get your invitations out early! If people can’t come, they may still want to make a donation.
You may want to set a price per head which includes the fish and chips. By inviting 7 people and asking them to make a donation of £5.00 each your supper will raise £35.00 – we also have some other suggestions to increase that total. Click here for more fundraising ideas.

Step 2: Sign up and get your party host pack

Click here to register for your party host pack including:

• Poster
• Invitations
• Information Pack and Fundraising Ideas
• Freepost envelope for payments

Once registered, we will add your event to our website if you would like – don’t worry, we won’t publish your address – so people can see where events are being held. All you have to do then is wait for your guests to turn up.

Step 3: Plan your meal

Why not order your fish and chips from your local fish shop so you are not leaving your guests for very long. They may even deliver!

Or why not go out with friends to a local restaurant or pub. You can still eat fish and chips and make a donation to the Spinal Injuries Association.

Or alternatively, if you’re organising an event at the office, club or pub, get a poster up early and let everyone know what’s going on: what, when, where and why. You will get a poster in your party host pack, but can order more by calling us on 0845 071 4350 or by emailing us at
[email protected]

Step 4: How to pay your donations in

By Post
The easiest way to make a donation is to send us cheques made payable to Spinal Injuries Association in the FREEPOST envelope provided. Please remember to get everyone who is making a donation to sign the Gift Aid Declaration on the donation envelopes.

By Phone
Call us on 0845 071 4350 and ask to make a donation to the Fish and Chip Supper.

Click here to go to our JustGiving page where secure online payments can be taken. Remember to include Fish and Chip Supper so we can track your donation.

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